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An Extremely Rare Case

Pollard FamilyThe June issue of The Bone Marrow Foundation’s e-newsletter included a patient profile of Jennifer Price Pollard. (Click here to view the newsletter.) After suffering from a life-long mystery illness, Jennifer was finally diagnosed with an extremely rare immunodeficiency disease called MonoMAC with peripheral lymphedema, caused by a genetic disorder in the GATA2 gene. While her doctors believe that a bone marrow transplant is the best course of treatment for Jennifer, a donor has not been identified yet. On top of that, MonoMAC is so rare, that any treatment is considered experimental and Jennifer’s insurance company has denied all of her claims.

Jennifer’s friends, family, and community have been fundraising to help Jennifer and her family cope with the extremely high cost of her medical care. In addition to contributing to Jennifer’s One-to-One Fund, they recently held the “Friends of Jennifer Benefit” which included a dinner and auction. The evening also included the two videos below, and the second was a surprise for Jennifer from her husband Ray.

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