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A Friend-raiser

Doubles Event 2013

The crowd at Doubles

We had a great turnout for our “Friend-raiser” on January 16, 2013. New and long-standing friends flocked to Doubles at the Sherry Netherland Hotel to enjoy drinks, delicious appetizers, and learn more about The Bone Marrow Foundation. After thanking Missey Condie and Sherri Grace for their tremendous work organizing the event, Christina Merrill, the Foundation’s Executive Director, spoke briefly about the mission of the organization and invited the audience to get involved, especially through Lifeline Project. Dr. Juliet Barker, Director of the Cord Blood Transplantation Program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, provided the crowd with insight into the bone marrow transplant process and the struggles experienced by patients and their families.

To learn how you can get involved and support the work of The Bone Marrow Foundation, visit www.bonemarrow.org


You’re so kind

The other day we received this note from a family who received $300 through our Patient Aid Program.

You're so kind

We share this thank you with everyone who makes it possible for us to help transplant patients with ancillary expenses through our financial assistance programs. Three hundred dollars might not seem like a life-changing amount to some people, but to a patient who is already struggling financially, it can mean gas to and from doctors appointments, housing near the transplant center, or childcare while receiving treatment. It is notes like this that remind us that even a small amount can make a big difference.

For more information about how you can help patients in need, visit our website at bonemarrow.org.

Of course I will help

This note came with a donation to our end of the year appeal. We love hearing from survivors who are now able to help others.

Of course I will help