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Robin Running for a Cause

This year, eight runners will be representing The Bone Marrow Foundation in the TCS New York City Marathon. Among them is one of the Foundation’s own social workers, Robin Myers.


“I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, just to prove to myself that I could. This not only challenges my mind and body, but running for The Bone Marrow Foundation helps me be part of something bigger than myself.”

Robin has decided to dedicate each of the 26 miles to a different BMF patient. Since joining the team in early September, she has shared the heartfelt stories that have inspired her to run, along with spreading awareness about bone marrow and stem cell transplants.

“This is my first marathon. Although I’m nervous, working with people who are fighting for their lives is helping me train harder and will push me to complete this marathon. That’s why I’m calling it a marathon journey – it’s my own way of giving back to a community of people who I respect and inspire me.”

Robin’s work calendar is filled with weekly appointments and reminders to call patients or family members in need of assistance. When she switches to her marathon training calendar, it fills with reminders of how long to run or what type of cross training to do each day. Robin currently uses Skyfit’s training program to prepare and enjoys running in Central Park.

“This journey allows me to bring awareness of how many diseases and illnesses are being treated with bone marrow and stem cell transplants and the importance of joining the national bone marrow registry. My third mile is about Caitlin, she’s 12 years old and is waiting to find a match. She’s of mixed race and as a result has not been able to find one. We live in such a diverse nation, it’s hard to believe there is no match for her. Just as people donate blood, being on the bone marrow registry should be just as important.”

Working with patients and their families throughout their transplant journey can be difficult. Robin dedicated her fourth mile to a patient, Molly, who recently passed away after a long fight against a rare genetic disorder. “I wanted people to be aware that the transplant journey is a long one, and although it is not always the answer, it can give patients an opportunity at life without their disease. Transplants give patients hope and the chance to keep fighting.”

You can follow Robin on her journey here.