Cancer Research Pioneer Dies

Dr. John H. Kersey

Dr. John H. Kersey (photo: University of Minnesota)

Dr. John Kersey who successfully completed the world’s first bone marrow transplant for lymphoma in 1975, died last week at the age of 74.

Dr. Kersey was a research pioneer, longtime professor and head of the University of Minnesota team. He was founding director of the University’s Cancer Center, which became a National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center in 1998. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 from the American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation.

The first lymphoma patient that Dr. Kersey cured, Dave Stahl, is still alive today. Dave was 16 at the time of his transplant and had a rare form of cancer – Birkitt’s Lymphoma.

Click here to read University of Minnesota’s article.

Click here to read Minnesota Public Radio’s article.


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