Lifeline Project Profiles: Arianna, Hailey, and Jayvin

Meet Arianna, Hailey, and Jayvin. They are the latest Lifeline Project participants to be profiled in our ongoing series highlighting the needs of transplant patients.

Lifeline Participant Arianna



Arianna is a four year old girl who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in December of 2010. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and recently had a stem cell transplant. Arianna loves riding her bike, dressing up, and swimming in the summer. She lives with her nine year old sister Bre and their mother, who could use assistance with transportation and caregiver expenses.

Lifeline Participant Hailey



Hailey was diagnosed with Hurler syndrome when she was just one and a half years old. She received a bone marrow transplant in March of 2011 and has since developed a chronic anemia similar to Evans syndrome when her bone marrow stopped producing red blood cells. She has received rabbit and horse ATG to treat the disorder. Due to the strenuous nature of treatment, Hailey’s mom has not been able to work. Your donation is tremendously appreciated and will be used for transportation, medical, and daily living expenses.

Lifeline Participant Jayvin



At only seven months old, Jayvin was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML). This type of leukemia is extremely rare and the only known cure is a stem cell transplant. Jayvin underwent his transplant at eight months old; if he does not relapse he will be considered cured by the year 2013. Until that time he will continue to receive treatment to maintain his health. Jayvin’s immune system is still compromised, so his mother is unable to work while she cares for him during recovery. His family is in need of assistance with their expenses, especially transportation to and from the treatment center.

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Founded in 1992, The Bone Marrow Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for bone marrow, stem cell, and cord blood transplant patients and their families by providing vital financial assistance, emotional support, and comprehensive educational programs. The Foundation is the only organization of its kind that does not limit assistance to a specific disease, type of transplant or age range.

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