On the line: Housing help needed

When we reported to work today, we followed the regular routine which includes checking the voice mail. This morning, we had a message from a transplant center coordinator reaching out for help on behalf of one of her patients.

We have a patient who…basically, we have put his transplant on hold for a few of weeks because we have been trying to find housing for him. He cannot afford it. He does not have any money and his insurance does not have a travel and lodging benefit, and we don’t have any means for any kind of free housing here for him. So I called [another organization]. They don’t have any grants that would be available for me to apply for him now to help with post-transplant housing, but they referred me to you. They said that The Bone Marrow Foundation has grants up to $1,000 that patients can get if approved. And that would be…[sigh]…that would actually enable him to be able to get his transplant, otherwise he won’t be able to do that.

After a bone marrow or stem cell transplant, doctors must carefully monitor the patient, often requiring weekly follow-up appointments. The prevention of post-transplant infection is a major concern as the patient’s immune system needs to regain functionality. (In the case of allogeneic transplant, the immune system has been suppressed in order to reduce the risk that the donated cells will be rejected.) The cost of weeks or months of clean housing near the transplant center can be a stumbling block that prevents a patient from receiving the procedure needed to save his or her life.

framed by reallyboring, on Flickr

Photo: “framed” by reallyboring

Assistance with housing expenses is one of the most common requests made of The Bone Marrow Foundation’s Patient Aid Program. You can help the Foundation assist more patients in need of assistance with housing and other transplant related expenses by clicking here.


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About The Bone Marrow Foundation

Founded in 1992, The Bone Marrow Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for bone marrow, stem cell, and cord blood transplant patients and their families by providing vital financial assistance, emotional support, and comprehensive educational programs. The Foundation is the only organization of its kind that does not limit assistance to a specific disease, type of transplant or age range.

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