Dream’s Day with the NY Knicks


For weeks, Dream could not stop talking about going to the Knicks Season Tip-Off. She even requested we go to her favorite fabric store to buy Knicks-colored tulle for a Knicks-inspired tutu. This summer after coming out of the ICU due to transplant complications, she received a video from Langston Galloway, then of the Westchester Knicks, which really brought hope to keep fighting past her circumstances.

The morning of the Tip-Off, Dream was filled with so much excitement! She was up before the sun ready to go and see the Knicks. Dream was dressed down in her Knicks attire with a poster in tote she designed to return cheer to Langston and his teammates! The Knicks took great care of The Dreamster upon entry with goodies, popcorn, and her own personal greeter that sat her courtside. There she saw all the action including legends John Starks and Larry Johnson. Dream was so happy to see Langston and was cheering from the sidelines! I remember becoming teary eyed in the midst of the scrimmage because I was so happy to see her happy and to just be there because of all that she’s fought through. I turned to Dream, I told her I was teary, and her response was, “Mommy, chill out!”

After the scrimmage was over Dream had another surprise. She had the opportunity to meet Langston in person and she is now forever his number one fan! She completely beams with joy when his name is mentioned. Watching the first game of the season tonight, Dream was screaming at the TV, “Go, Langston. Go!”

I’m so incredibly thankful that Dream had the opportunity to meet Langston as he will always represent in her eyes the cheer to keep going! Thank you to the Knicks for welcoming Dream into the family! Our home has officially been Knicks taped!

-Diana Lemon, Dream’s mom

Letter from a friend of The Bone Marrow Foundation

This week, we crossed a finish line that once seemed so elusive. Four years post-transplant, I was discharged as a patient at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

On Mother’s Day 2010, I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). As a mother of three young sons, it was devastating. After a brief remission, I relapsed and underwent a stem cell transplant in October 2011. Today, I have reclaimed much of my pre-cancer life, living each day with gratitude and love with my family. We are so grateful to The Bone Marrow Foundation for their help and support. Knowing the Foundation was behind us provided the extra emotional boost we needed to keep fighting toward the goal of being cancer-free.

–Barbara Ho

Just four months after the birth of her third son, Barbara had to begin treatment for AML. She and her father, who was both her donor and caregiver, relocated from Hawaii to Seattle for a stem cell transplant. Barbara received financial support from the Lifeline Fund to help with the financial costs of relocating far from home.

Letter from a friend of The Bone Marrow Foundation

First, Erin and I are pregnant and due in October! It will be our first, and it’s such a miracle given all we’ve been through. I applied for two national fertility grants, and incredibly we won both and actually had to turn one down. It is amazing. We are having a little girl:)

Also, I am meeting my donor who is from Germany this June! June 13 in Nashville – which is my hometown – at the City of Hope celebrity softball game. It’s the game’s 25th anniversary and I am their guest of honor. I still can’t believe it. My donor’s name is Jonas, he’s 23 years old and that’s all they will tell me. City of Hope has been so generous to share my story and cover the expenses of our meeting. I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

I started a new job in late March here in town at one of the largest internet marketing companies in the U.S. I am a marketing manager for clients that include large law firms, hospitals, and franchises. The company is incredible and I work with amazing people. I’ve never loved a job this much, it’s a bit strange. I feel very fortunate.

I’m flattered that you guys consider me part of The BMF family and I believe so much in our cause. Please let me help however I can.

Sending my best from California,
Stephen Bess


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